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JK Brass Industries Brass Plastic Mould In Inserts is suitable for compression and injection mouldings. This range of inserts is installed directly within the mould tool, providing a very high-performance fixing.

Brass plastic mould In inserts

are precision-engineered components that are integrated into plastic moulds. These inserts are typically made of high-quality brass, a material known for its excellent thermal conductivity, durability, and corrosion resistance. The inserts are designed to create specific features or details in plastic parts during the Moulding process.

Brass plastic mould In inserts

are crucial instruments for improving the accuracy, dependability, and standard of plastic Moulding operations in a variety of sectors. They are the material of choice for producing precise tolerances and complex features in plastic parts due to their outstanding thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and durability.

Brass Plastic Mould In Inserts


Enhanced Precision:

 Brass Plastic mould In inserts make it possible to produce plastic parts with fine features and precise tolerances. In fields where the quality of the final output is crucial, this precision is crucial.

thermal conductivity:

makes brass a great choice for heat dissipation during the plastic manufacturing process. In addition to ensuring constant quality, this stops the plastic parts from warping or deforming.

Corrosion Resistance:

Brass has a high level of corrosion and oxidation resistance, ensuring the durability of the mould inserts and reducing the need for maintenance.

Durability:  Brass Plastic mould In inserts are known for their durability, even when subjected to high temperatures and pressure during the moulding process. They have a long service life, reducing replacement costs.

Brass plastic mould In inserts:

Automotive Industry:

Brass mould inserts are employed in the manufacture of a variety of vehicle parts, including as dashboard panels, door handles, and interior trim.


Brass inserts are necessary for the precise moulding of parts like connections, switches, and housings in the electronics sector.

Medical Devices:

Brass inserts are essential in the production of medical equipment and gadgets because they guarantee the precision and high quality of the parts.

Consumer Products:

Brass mould inserts are used to create exquisite features and accurate shapes in many consumer products, including toys, household appliances, and clothing.

Brass plastic mould In inserts can assist you in achieving greater outcomes and preserving a competitive edge in the market, whether you work in the automotive, electronics, or medical device industries.


How are brass plastic mould inserts used in the production of plastic?

Precision-engineered parts composed of superior brass are known as brass plastic mould inserts. To add particular characteristics or details to plastic pieces during the moulding process, they are integrated into plastic moulds. These inserts are made to improve plastic moulding applications’ accuracy, toughness, and quality.

What are the main advantages of employing brass mould inserts when Moulding plastics?

Improved precision, effective heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, durability, shorter cycle times, and better product quality are only a few of the major advantages of brass mould inserts. They are valuable tools in many industries because of their advantages.

Which sectors use brass plastic mould inserts most frequently?

Brass plastic mould inserts are used in a variety of sectors, including aerospace, consumer goods, medical devices, automotive (for precision components), electronics (for connectors and housings), and electronics.

Do brass mould inserts last a very long time and are they sturdy?

Yes, the toughness and long service life of brass mould inserts are well known. They don’t need to be replaced as frequently because they can survive the high pressure and temperatures used in plastic manufacturing processes.

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