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Brass Expansion Inserts

Brass Expansion Inserts are Highly Versatile and Standard Inserts. Expanded Inserts are pressed into the plastic and expand when the assembly screw is tightened. The Mating Screws of Expansion Inserts should be designed for full thread engagement which allow the insert to fully expand. Expansion Inserts also available with Flange which adds greater strength for tensile pull loads.

Brass Expansion Inserts

used widely to provide strong brass threads in plastic parts of all types after molding. General Range of Expansion Inserts used for application where long-life threads are required. Designed to provide strong reusable threads in thermoset and other hard plastics. Used where a durable thread is required. Standard

Brass Expansion Inserts.

ideally suited for use in plastics which are strong enough to resist the expansion of the insert yet flexible enough to allow the knurls to anchor into the material. Mainly used in plastics and rely on the radial pressure exerted by the screw to lock the insert into position.

Applications for brass expansion inserts include electronics, automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and many more. They offer a dependable way to secure metal parts to non-metallic materials without the need for additional fastening methods.


  • Standard Expansion Inserts can also be installed to protrude, serving a dual purpose as an assembly-locating device.
  • The sharp diamond knurling provides resistance to tensile and torque loads.
  • Expansion Inserts provide Easy Installation.
  • No Torque and Pull-Out Resistance.
  • Expansion Inserts increase friction enhancing interference between the insert and the hole.
  • Expansion Inserts meet RoHS Requirement and UL Listed.


  • Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) or
  • Free Cutting Brass as per BS 249 Type (I) or
  • High Grade Free Cutting Brass
  • Copper and Zinc
  • Any special brass material compositions as per customer requirement
Brass Expansion Inserts
brass Expansion inserts


  • Threaded Connection
  • Expansion Mechanism
  • High strength
  • Heat Resistance
  • Chemical Compatibility
  • Ease of Installation
  • Cost-effective           
  • Compatibility Customization Available


MF, UNC, NPT, NPTF, PG, BSW, BSP, BSB, BSF, BA, NPT, UNF, UNEF etc, Any Special Threads As per customer’s Specification.

Finishing and Coating:

Brass Natural, Electro Tinned, Nickel, Chrome, Led, Silver, Gold, Zinc Blue or any special finish/plating as per customer specifications.


Various Sizes available as per customer requirement.


Plastic bag Packing, Inner Box, Customized Packing, Poly Bag, Outer Cartons, Standard Export Packaging, the reels are packed in wooden crate/box, Relevant markings are provided in each outer package and as per client specifications.


Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.


India, United State, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Kenya, Kuwait, Singapore, Oman, Qatar, Australia, Thailand, Switzerland, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece, Africa, Egypt, Sweden, Japan, China, Portugal, Hungary, Algeria, Czech Republic, France and many more countries.


Brass expansion inserts: what are they?

Brass expansion inserts are threaded metal parts that fit into holes that have already been drilled in plastic or other non-metallic materials. After installation, they enlarge to form a strong threaded connection that enables the attachment of other components.

Brass expansion inserts are frequently used where?

Brass expansion inserts are commonly used in industries such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods. They’re employed whenever a secure threaded connection is needed within plastic or non-metallic materials.

Brass expansion inserts: How are they installed?

Installing brass expansion inserts involves drilling a hole in the plastic or non-metallic material, threading the insert into the hole until it’s flush, and then tightening a bolt or screw into the insert. As the bolt/screw is tightened, the insert expands, securing itself in the material.

Are different types of materials compatible with brass expansion inserts?

Brass expansion inserts can be used with a variety of materials, however they are typically utilized with plastic and non-metallic ones. It is advisable to test compatibility and, if doubtful, seek advice from manufacturers or specialists.

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